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Sammys Pet Parlour Services

What I Offer

Canine Hairdresser

Grooming – Bath, Brush and Dry

The grooming service follows a similar pattern for each dog. On arrival, the dog is checked for abrasions, lesions, matting or skin conditions and a dated consent form will need to be signed, detailing the grooming and finish required. Data records will be kept to ensure all grooming procedure notes are retained for the ongoing care of your dog and for subsequent visits. Your dog will then be bathed in ‘appropriate for coat’ shampoo and be conditioned if necessary (thick undercoats). We offer a whitening shampoo for the lighter coats of the Westie, Bichon etc. If your dog is badly matted, it may be necessary to remove the matting using electric clippers prior to the grooming process – we seek your consent before undertaking such a procedure.
After the wash, your dog is then dried using a ‘blaster’ that rids the coat of excess water and then carefully salon-dried using fine brushes that suit coat type and the size of dog. As much excess undercoat is removed at this stage, it serves to reduce future matting and moulting.

Cocker Spaniels

Clip and Trim

Clipping is recommended around every six to eight weeks and carried out entirely to the preference of the owner; however we offer advice on cuts and styling for that particular breed or type, with pictorial examples of what to expect. We take into account the activities of the dog, the overall appearance and comfort of the dog, your own lifestyle, and how much time and maintenance you intend to carry out on the dog’s coat yourself. For example, if your Cocker Spaniel loves jumping in muddy puddles, he should probably have a much shorter coat and skirt than one who prefers to sit on the doorstep looking pretty! It’s all about what suits you and what suits the dog and his or her character.
We always complete grooming with a pedicure, ear and health check, and scissor-finish all coats for a clean and tidy line with no clipper marks.

Canine Hairdresser


Scissoring is a skilled procedure often used for show dogs and those coats with a lot of bounce and curl such as Samoyeds, Poodles, Bichon-Frise and Pomeranians. The scissoring technique allows the groomer to shape the coat in such a way to accommodate the ‘curl’ and create a smooth but perfectly fluffy appearance that will look as good wet or dry. Scissoring does not remove as much hair as clipping and is ideally carried out every 4-5 weeks. It does take longer than clipping and this specialist finish is reflected in the price.

Cocker Spaniels

Health Check

A five-point health check is carried out as a matter of procedure and we are trained in spotting the most common ailments and problems that occur in dogs:

  1. Ear, Nose and Eye Check

  2. Teeth and Oral Hygiene Check

  3. Skin and Coat – Fleas, Parasites, Allergies, Eczema

  4. Nails and Dew Claws – Clipping if necessary

  5. Anal Glands – Advice provided

We will never administer any chemical treatments (e.g. flea drops), we will always alert you to any health problems we may discover and advise you of any action or veterinary care required.

Dog Haircut

Puppy Familiarization

It is recommended that you bring your puppy for grooming as soon as he’s had his vaccinations and can recognize his name and basic commands. The ideal time is around 12 weeks old. By this time, your puppy will be ready for his first bath and some grooming TLC. We like to introduce puppies as early as possible to the grooming regime, familiarizing them with handling and encouraging their social skills. Dogs that come to us early are well-behaved, used to the routine, the groomer, the noise of the hairdryer and the environment. They are a joy to groom for life, and we are able to produce the best results on a well-behaved, calm and confident dog. This is a gentle session taking less than an hour, and will not involve any clipping - we will provide a puppy health check

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